Alaturka Pension

Hidden Paradise Olympos Alaturka Pension

Alaturka Pension, located in Olympos, which is surrounded by mountains, witnessed deep-rooted civilizations and hosted pirates in the past and for whose quenchless fire many legends have been written is a great holiday paradise surrounded by vegetation peculiar to the Mediterranean region, which has spread far and wide. Our pension is built among the orange trees in Olympos where the Mediterranean Sea generously offers its serenity and its forest's green in which nature and history have intertwined.

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The Pension and Rooms 

The distance from our pension to the airport is around 90 km. It's 10-15 minutes on foot from the pension to the sea. For 300 meters in this distance, the road encircled by tombs of the kings is followed, which enlivens your walking. At the end of the road, you reach the splendid beach, which is under protection. Alaturka Pension will bring you comfort with its 39 rooms, 90 beds, enclosed restaurant, bar and hammocks. Also, there is a bathroom and air conditioner in every room. In some of our rooms, there is also TV. In this way, you can breath the authentic air while not giving up on your comfort. Imagine a holiday with a real comfort, peace and history.

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